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Our Story

Green Space Tech, was born out of a need for quality and affordable fresh produce on Christmas Island. 

For decades, Christmas Island has been dependent on air and sea freight to provide fresh produce. It's often delayed, in poor condition and prohibitively expensive due to the island’s remoteness and unpredictable environment.

So we knew we had to do something about it.

Our mission

Green Space Tech is dedicated to providing quality and affordable fresh produce to the Christmas Island community. 

We use climate-controlled propagation techniques and protected-environment hydroponic greenhouses to ensure high-quality, locally grown produce.


We are in our early years of growth and currently supply some local retailers and restaurants. 

Our dream is to grow our production and range of products so we can consistently supply our quality produce to the Christmas Island Community.

Our Journey

Our beginnings


With some assistance of a government grant and funding from PRL, we began as an agritech startup wanting to improve food security while reducing carbon emissions associated with food transportation to the Island

Trial Phase


It took us time to set up our infrastructure and fine tune our equipment and production processes.


As expected, our initial production and quality was inconsistent as we trialed a range of hydroponic technology and growing techniques.

Where we are now

However, we persevered and finally found the right recipe for maximum production and quality.


As of November 2023, we have been running at full capacity allowing us to supply produce to restaurants, some supermarkets and community events.

Green Space Tech 2

Looking forward, we are keen to increase our production and output, however we are constrained by the size of our facilities.

We are exploring options including developing a new site which could increase our capacity, to better supply the Christmas Island community.

Weekend Market
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